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#17, Britton McCorkle, Bottle Cap Group

August 6, 2019

Bottle Cap Group operates 15 highly popular restaurant/bar concepts in the southeast.  Britton is their high energy and highly connected founder.  In this episode he shares his history, talks about what makes a great brand, and gives overall great advice on managing a growing restaurant empire.

Time: 3:05-8:19
-Britton’s background and his grandfather’s restaurant-‘Dowd Road Soda Shoppe’
-Tom Wicker being Britton’s step-father and a major influencer in Britton’s life
-How Vinnies Raw Bar started by Britton

Time: 12:52-17:18
-John and Britton talk Charlotte restaurants and bar scene
-Britton speaks on Brazwell’s Patio being a ‘game changer’ and his inspiration for opening it
-Good Food on Montford bringing recognition to Montford area
-Whiskey Warehouse being the
-Thomas Street Tavern

Time: 20:08-21:54
-Whiskey Warehouse rooftop
-John, “Arguably the best patio in Charlotte.”
-John and Britton talk on how each place complements one another instead of competing with

Time: 23:37-24:50
-Britton talks decision making process for opening a new concept versus extending a current one
-Britton quote, “I see each place we open as its own individual thing. They have to be different.”

Time: 26:00-27:09
-Britton, “The food is the restaurant. We build restaurants. If you ask me what I own, I own
-John, “It seems like you are good at building a phenomenal space and friendly staff.”

Time: 39:37-43:15
-Britton’s advice on serving beer within restaurants
-John and Britton discuss beer and breweries

Time: 44:39-48:28
-Britton explains how he conceptualizes restaurants by recreating things from his childhood
-Britton talks about Papa Doc’s
-Does location matter?

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