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#6 – Ben Simon from Windsor Jewelers

May 9, 2019

John interviews Ben Simon, owner of Windsor Jewelers.   Windsor is an upscale two location jewelry seller that offers some of the top watch and jewelry brands in the world.  John and Ben discuss working in a family business, building culture across multiple locations, balancing the needs of your own brand while also selling literally some of the top brands in the world, cross selling, sales excellence, and a host of other topics.  Ben also indulges John on sharing his personal thoughts on watches, going to Basel World, and Porsche vs BMW.

Ben mentioned the Tudor P1 as a hot new watch from Basel World:

He also mentioned admiring the Baltic brand as a slightly lower price point that doesn’t sacrifice on quality:

Ben talked about a useful resource for thinking about how many watches are too many:

Ben mentioned the Patek 5270P with Salmon dial as a “grail” watch (and John agreed):